Take Advantage of Your Singapore Stopover

Singapore is a common destination for long-haul flights heading to and from Asia. It is known for being clean, safe, and modern, so don’t miss your chance to visit. To make the most of your trip, stay in a Singaporean hotel close to a metro station so you can get around effortlessly.


Image via Flickr by aotaro

Escape the Singaporean Heat at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay hosts two unique domes along with various other exhibits. A forest inside a completely windowed building, the misty Cloud Forest — where mankind and nature meet — is home to a massive waterfall, various vegetation, and a walk that winds around a Willy Wonka–like mountain covered completely in plants. Also check out the Flower Dome, the world’s largest greenhouse, displaying bright flowers and floral-covered statues like a natural kaleidoscope. Both domes are fully air-conditioned, so it’s the perfect spot on extra hot days.

Supertree Grove

Also part of the Gardens by the Bay, Supertree Grove boasts a forest of surreal technicolor trees that display a performance of color, light, and sound as soon as the sun goes down. Enjoy unique views of the city from the top of the grove’s skywalk, 22 meters up. Once again, Singapore displays its mastery of the art of combining technology with inspiration from the jungles that surround Singapore.

Visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

In Chinatown, visit the old Buddhist temple for a peaceful and cultural experience. Done in hues of gold and red, the architecture is ornate and amply communicates Chinese influence on Singapore’s heritage. On the top floors of the temple, you can find ancient artifacts spanning centuries that give a glimpse inside Buddhism and its past. Use this as a base from which to explore the rest of Chinatown, a neighborhood you shouldn’t miss.

Explore the Treetops of the Southern Ridges

When most of us hear of Singapore, we think of a megametropolis. But did you know that just outside of the city center, you can explore tropical treetops? Embark on a nine-kilometer walk that takes you through the jungle to the top of Mt. Faber. Don’t be surprised to see monkeys, birds, and a plethora of other rainforest wildlife. Start early to avoid the midday heat, and remember to bring plenty of water. 

Enjoy a Kaya Toast and Egg Breakfast at Marina Bay

No trip to Singapore is complete without a traditional and delicious breakfast. To start, order a few pieces of Kaya toast: custard made from egg, pandan, and coconut spread over spongy toasted bread. Don’t forget to add soft-cooked eggs topped with a dash of soy sauce. Many Singaporeans enjoy their favorite variation of this classic dish — so simple, yet so delicious — soon after sunrise. The best place to eat this is near Marina Bay, where you can enjoy views of the water and the famous Merlion statue.

Don’t forget — when the times comes for you to book your Singapore trip, staying in a Singaporean hotel that offers metro access will complement your visit.