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Travel Inspiration for Everyone — Not Just Rich White Dudes

We’ve seen the headlines gracing mainstream media and the top travel blogs. “Every Travel Excuse in the World! Busted!” “Everyone can Travel, Here’s How!” “Look at Me! Some Rich White Dude with No Responsibilities and a Trust Fund to Fall Back on! If I can do It,...


The Pokemon You Meet When You Travel

Here are the Pokemon you’re likely to meet while traveling, where to catch them, and how to lure them. Weedle Weedle is the timid, scared backpacker who during the midst of an early-life crisis, booked the cheapest flight out of her hometown of Smalltown, USA. Though she’s...


How to Stop Being an Environmental Slob While Traveling

This month, we’re diving into Plastic Free July, a time where we can finally shine the light on plastic consumption like the fluorescent bulb at a department store changing room. Talking about plastic consumption isn’t pretty, can be uncomfortable, and at times shows flaws in ourselves that...