Surfboards on a wall

Malibu Sunset

There’s one thing that really stinks about LA — parking. Being a loyal San Diegan, I’m used to free beach parking which makes the beach a friendly place to all families regardless of income.

Surfboards on a wall

My friend and I intended to go to the beach somewhere near the Santa Monica/Malibu border, but a search for a coveted parking space (that didn’t cost the same as a small monkey on Craigslist aka $20) led us up the 101 Highway to mid-Malibu.

After we found a parking space in a most likely illegal spot, we unloaded our surfboards and ventured into the water — a break, we soon realized, that was ideal for longboarders and people with hoof-strong feet (perhaps Ooba Ooba, my friend, would have fared better here). My 5’9″ shortboard was not too pleased with the waves, and It didn’t help that we hobbled up and down on the sharp rocks as if a cowboy was shooting at our feet with a pistol while screaming, “DANCE FOOLS! DANCE!!!”

About an hour, five scrapes, and three dings to the surfboards later, we decided to dry off and explore the nearby area with my camera. The lagoon at sunset was beautiful — I’ll let you see for yourself.

Exposed rocks during low tide
Rocks that gave me more cuts than my heels after prom night.
Dead Stingray in Malibu
Dead little stingray relaxing on the shore
Malibu surfers
Surfers battling for the right-of-way.
Hereeee crabby crabby! Anthony playing with little hermit crabs.
Pink sunset
Pink sky
Sunset in Malibu
One less sunset
Malibu Lagoon
The Malibu Lagoon
Malibu Pier
Sweepers always remind me of my grandpa
Malibu fence
This fence is so funny to me — as if it would stop anyone from trespassing on “private property.”
Moss on Rocks
Moss on rocks on fox on socks? Dr. Seuss, these rocks are for you.
Malibu Sunset on the Lagoon
Sunset over the lagoon
Fire in the sky
Fire in the sky

Today was no different than any other, but it’s nice to appreciate the small things. After all, every sunset you see is one less sunset you’ll get to see. Morbid, but true!

Surfer at Sunset