Five Adventures You Need to Have in Europe

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Though the architectural, cultural, and big-city aspects of Europe are often what appeal to the masses, adventure junkies shouldn’t resign themselves to a typical holiday. From churning seas to never-ending mountaintops, there are endless ways to get your adrenaline fix while traveling through the old continent. Here are five of my favorite suggestions — all of them are easily accessible with an Eurail Pass, a flexible way to travel around on a budget.

Image via Flickr by kBandara

Kitesurf in Castelldefels, Spain

Castelldefels is a small town near Barcelona where you can find flat water and howling onshore winds during the summer months. Take a kitesurf lesson with Mojokite Kitesurfing School if you’re a beginner, or bring your own if you’ve already a keen kiter. This is the perfect place to base yourself as you explore the city of Barcelona. Simply head out to the city during the morning, and come back to Castelldefels once the wind kicks in.

Snowboard in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland

With many prime peaks to choose from, head to the Swiss Alps for a wholesome variety of powder and backcountry riding. Though park features are a little harder to find, the Swiss Alps will make you a more well-rounded rider and offer an incredible apres ski scene that’s unlike anywhere else. For the best chance at scoring the ride of your life, check the resorts of Davos, Verbier, Laax, Flims, and St. Moritz.

Surf in Biarritz, France

Delicious food, warm weather, and the relaxed French lifestyle make Biarritz an ideal surf trip destination. Rent a board and learn how to pop up at the Jo Moraiz Surf School, or paddle out to any one of the seven breaks that catch your eye. For an extra adventurous experience, surf at night under the boardwalk lights for an uncrowded and exciting session.

Cliff Jump and Climb in Split, Croatia

Along the jagged coastline of Croatia, you’re likely to see talented daredevils diving through narrow crevices into salt water below. Though the higher jumps are for the experts only, there are plenty of safe places where you can climb up the rocks and jump back into the water once you reach the top. I’d highly recommend asking around for the safest spots, or joining a guided tour to discover the best places to jump. Don’t forget to bring good shoes that can get wet.

Build Your Own Igloo in Jokkmokk, Sweden

How often do we get to create something with our hands anymore? My guess is not often enough. Building an igloo is a childhood dream you’re able to bring to life while in Sweden. The best part? You’re even able sleep in it afterward. Under the eye of a mentor who ensures that you build your igloo to meet proper safety standards and don’t over-work yourself in the cold temperature, you’ll have an experience of a lifetime that ends with a well-deserved slumber in the snow. Check out NatuLife for a highly recommended igloo building teacher.

Now that you’re familiar with the adventure opportunities in Europe, book your travel and start packing.