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Is That Gargoyle Mooning Me? In Freiburg, Germany

We’ve all heard that “nothing is certain but death and taxes”… but perhaps we should add drama with our employer onto the list.  People from all walks of life groan and moan about their bosses, and after visiting Freiburg’s Cathedral (Freiburg Münster), I’m sure that even the...


Nothing but Crocs and Tighty-Whiteys in Esperance, Australia

Esperance. The French meaning of this little town is hope, but after six hours of driving on a long, straight, dirt road, I started relating Esperance to the hopelessly lost City of Atlantis. Esperance, Mordor, Bikini Bottom, Emerald City, Atlantis… they are all just one big...


Turtle Time for Travelers in Exmouth, Australia

Psst, here’s one of those up-to-date posts I’ve promised about my up-to-date life in Australia. Moritz’s parents are visiting for the next two weeks, and we were able to jet off and see the amazing Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia for the weekend. I imagined Exmouth,...