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Margaret River Region Surf Spot Guide

Margaret River Surf Spot Guide Aside from karri forests, family owned wineries, fields of wildflowers, active wildlife, adventure activities, delicious food, friendly locals, and untouched beaches, Margaret River is one of the best places in the world to find an unridden, perfect wave. If you’re visiting...


Gnaraloo, Western Australia from the Water

I like when the sun burns white dots into the inside of my eyelids, like the marks left by extinguished cigarettes. It’s as if the sun has seared itself into my memory along with all the moments that happened underneath it. Last week, I showed you Red Bluff from...


Newport Beach: More Than Just Yuppies

Newport Beach: The next logical step for pretty much every well-off Southern Californian business degree graduate. The people are toned, white, wealthy, and always have a challenging time finding parking for their imported European cars.  UCLA and USC flags are flown high, below proud fabric of stars...