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Mainz, Germany: The City You’ve Never Heard of that Changed History

First, we scribbled ancient messages on the walls of our caves. Then, we fine-tuned our hands to write words and stories by putting ink to paper. Now, we use keyboards, swipes, and emojis through the touch of our fingertips. The printed word has spread religion, started wars, inspired...


Is That Gargoyle Mooning Me? In Freiburg, Germany

We’ve all heard that “nothing is certain but death and taxes”… but perhaps we should add drama with our employer onto the list.  People from all walks of life groan and moan about their bosses, and after visiting Freiburg’s Cathedral (Freiburg Münster), I’m sure that even the...


Schloss Neuschwanstein

There are some people in this world who have a “spirit animal,” an animal that encompasses the soul of those people. For Moritz, it’s a seagull – the water bird that always squawks for more food. For  me, it’s a flying squirrel – the graceful rodent that trapezes...