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Last Year’s Resolutions: How Did I Do?

It’s 2016! Usually this is a time of year to dream of how we’ll be the richer, happier, fitter versions of ourselves. We envision of new-and-improved lives that are nothing like the old us, completely ignoring the fact that we made the same resolutions exactly one year...


An Interview with Alastair Humphreys: Adventures Big and Small

Alastair Humphreys has inspired millions of people around the world to partake in explorations big and small. He’s cycled around the world, rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, walked through India, trekked through an expanse of barren desert (aptly named The Empty Quarter), ran the Marathon des Sables (and...


Gnaraloo, Western Australia from the Water

I like when the sun burns white dots into the inside of my eyelids, like the marks left by extinguished cigarettes. It’s as if the sun has seared itself into my memory along with all the moments that happened underneath it. Last week, I showed you Red Bluff from...