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Gnaraloo, Western Australia from the Water

I like when the sun burns white dots into the inside of my eyelids, like the marks left by extinguished cigarettes. It’s as if the sun has seared itself into my memory along with all the moments that happened underneath it. Last week, I showed you Red Bluff from...


The Bike to Surf Movement with Cameron from My Wave Addiction

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon surf writer Cameron Brown and his blog, My Wave Addiction. I found myself nodding along to so many of his posts that revolve around sustainability, surfing, and the human obsession with living a convenient lifestyle. Lucky for us, he’s agreed...


A Chilly Scuba Diving Surprise in La Jolla, California

The first thing you need to know is that Moritz has no interest in heights. He’d rather surf waves over razor sharp rocks than go bungy jumping, and simply doesn’t fathom the appeal of climbing something high and unstable. From my interpretation of this, he’d rather be...