The 10 Best Restaurants in Suva, Fiji

Wondering where to eat in Suva, the funky little capital of Fiji? I’ve got you covered. After living here for over two years (and being a less-than-stellar cook), these are the best restaurants in Suva.

Where to Find Suva’s Best Restaurants

Veggie Restaurant

Category: Vegetarian

Take. My. Money. I don’t even want to think about how much of my paycheck I’ve contributed to Veggie Restaurant, the best restaurant in Suva. This family-owned cafe offers fine-dining quality food in a tiny room decorated with motivational signs and plenty of plants. Every item on the menu is a winner–but the mushroom pizza, hummus party platter, and dumplings are especially delicious. Check the special’s board, there’s always something interesting featured. Save room for dessert!

It’s vegetarian food that’s so good, omnivores are likely to leave their meat-eating days in the dust. If you go to one restaurant in Suva, make it this one.

Order: Literally anything.

54 Bau St; Ph: 904-1833; 9am-8pm Mon-Sat, closed Sun.


Category: Indian

Swagat is one of the best Indian restaurants in Suva (there are many to choose from). Come in a big group and split dishes among yourselves. Staff are friendly and service is punctual. You might have a Swagat hangover after stuffing yourself full of curry, but the pot belly is worth it.

There is another restaurant owned by the same people as Yellow Chili called Swagat Restaurant on Bau Street (Flagstaff).

Order: Start with the potato 65 (don’t call it 69!) and see where the night takes you.

Bau St; 11am-3pm and 6pm-10pm Mon-Sat, 6pm-10pm Sun.


Category: Indian

People in Suva usually battle between three restaurants: Swagat, Ashiyana, and Maya Dhaba when it comes to who serves up the meanest Indian meal. Ashiyana’s renovation complete with outdoor patio seating has certainly earned a few points in its favor. Ashiyana is a great place to hang out for a while. Grab a table on the patio for prime people watching.

Order: Any of the lentil-based veggie dishes are grand.

Victoria Parade; Ph: 331-3000; 12:00pm-6:30pm Mon-Sat, closed Sun.


Category: Seafood and international cuisine

At first glance, Kanu can seem like a tourist trap built for visitors who want a one-stop destination for Fijian culture. Kanu is part restaurant, part museum with artifacts, movie posters, and images of Fiji’s yesteryears decorating its walls. Feel free to get up and look around while waiting for your meal.

Kanu serves hearty breakfasts. Come for lunch or dinner and expect a range of seafood, meats, and a few plates to “tempt the vegetarians.” Vegan night takes places on Tuesdays.

Order: Rourou spring rolls and a glass of wine.

46 Knolly St; Ph: 932-4942; 8am-10pm daily

An Pho

Category: Vietnamese

An Pho is a Vietnamese restaurant in Suva found inside Garden City. It’s a challenge to choose between the heaping bowls of pho or the fried rice heaped with toppings. The restaurant is clean and spacious, an ideal place to go with a group. Save room for dessert.

Order: Spring rolls, pho, and a mint slushie

Grantham Rd. (Garden City); Ph: 327-5090; 12pm-3pm and 5:30pm-8:30pm Weds-Mon, closed Sun.

Eden Bistro and Bar

Category: Fijian and International

Eden Bistro and Bar is one of the more romantic restaurants in Suva, with white linen table clothes and partially outdoor seating. Because of its location near the embassies, it can draw a crowd and wait times can be long. The soups, salads, and pasta dishes are all winners–and you’ll often find something seasonal on the special’s board.

Order: Rourou soup and vegetable barley salad

11 Bureta St.; Ph: 338-6246; 11am-9pm Mon-Sat, closed Sun


Category: Japanese

Daikoku is the frequent site of birthday parties thanks to its dinner-and-a-show appeal. All meals are cooked on hot plates at the center of the table, where chefs frequently set items ablaze. Sushi rolls, salads, soups, and meal combos frequent the menu. Vegetarians will be happy with the generous servings of tofu in the Veggie Deluxe special.

Mealtimes last a while at Daikoku, so expect an all-evening event. No matter, though, the breaks give you time to rest before the next course.

Victoria Parade: Ph: 330-8968; Mon-Fri 12pm-2pm and 6pm-10pm, closed Sun

Maya Dhaba

Category: Indian

Maya Dhaba, one of the few restaurants in Suva to be open late on a Sunday, is a bright and spacious Indian restaurant serving perfectly-spiced dishes in the heart of Suva’s city center. Again, you’ll want to come with a group and share as many dishes as you can between you all. Staff are always smiling and patient, tolerating guests who can’t decide if one palak paneer is enough, or should we order two…

281 Victoria Parade; Ph: 331-0045; 11am-3pm and 6pm-10pm daily


Category: Italian

It’s pricey, and the portions are small for Fiji, but it’s also the best Italian you’ll find in Suva. Come for the delicious wine, stay for the four cheese gnocchi. The owner and chef often walk around from table to table to explain their specials. The service is some of the best in Fiji! Save room for dessert.

Ragg Ave.: Ph: 332-0330


Category: Italian with a Fijian twist

Paradiso has been doing well under new ownership (we won’t talk about the microwaved side salad incident of ’17). This Italian restaurant has one of the best ambiances in the city, complete with a menu of pizzas, lasagna, and salads. Live music takes place throughout the week, a rarity for restaurants in Suva.

If you’re a tourist visiting Suva, Paradiso is centrally located on the edge of Albert Park, across from the Fiji Museum (a must-do).

Albert Park; Ph: 777-203; 5pm-10pm Tues-Fri, 9am-10pm Sat and Sun, closed Mon.

Not quite lunch or dinnertime? Check out the best cafes in Suva.

If you’re new to Fiji, dining in Suva might be a different experience than you’re used to at home. Fiji runs on island time, especially at restaurants. Try not to make too many change requests and instead opt for a dish that doesn’t need too much editing.