The Best Money Saving Tips for Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the few places in the world where you can spend a fortune without anyone batting an eye. The sound of slot machines, a clock that never strikes bedtime, and people dressed in their finest attire create an atmosphere that’s perfect for throwing down dollar bills. If you want to avoid getting caught up in the hype, however, follow these tips to save money on your next trip to Las Vegas.

Image via Flickr by josephdepalma

Search for Sweet Hotel Deals in Advance

Though staying in one of Sin City’s most iconic hotels like the Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, or the MGM Grand is alluring, you’ll likely be paying a hefty price for it. Instead, check online for hotel deals and consider staying somewhere off the main drag like the Days Inn, just an eight-minute drive from the Strip. Other top picks include Rio, the Monte Carlo, and Aria. Las Vegas hotels offer more promotions than most others in the world because they often count on you spending more at their casinos.

Use Cash Instead of Credit

The combination of alcohol, gambling, and the thrill of being in a new place might make you more apt to swipe that debit card without a second thought. Instead of using plastic, go with cash and decide on a set amount to cover entrance fees, cocktails, and dinner to carry you through the night. That way, you won’t be able to spend more on a whim or under the influence of a stiff drink. If you don’t have it, you can’t swipe it.

Stay Out of Cabs and Limos

The guys from “The Hangover” had a great time riding around in cabs and limos, but they weren’t on a budget. Whenever possible, walk between destinations. If it’s too hot outside, consider getting a daily bus pass for just $8. If you’re planning to go downtown or cover a vast distance throughout the day, the bus is the right choice. If you rent a car, opt for the smallest model possible to help with fuel consumption.

Settle for Less Popular Shows

Las Vegas is the stomping ground of the likes of Celine Dion, Criss Angel, and Elton John. However, there are plenty of less popular acts with top-notch performances for just a fraction of the price of the big names. Check theĀ Las Vegas website for shows and prices, as the lineup often changes. Always buy your ticket online for the cheapest rate possible, and avoid purchasing tickets from a scalper.

Take a Free Gambling Lesson

Many hotels offer free game lessons for visitors so that they can increase their odds of winning. Statistically, luck isn’t on the side of the player, so budget accordingly. Most of the major hotels like Excalibur, Planet Hollywood, and Circus Circus all offer specialized lessons.

Just because others tend to spend a fortune in Las Vegas doesn’t mean you have to do the same. With these five tips, you can save tons of money without sacrificing any of the typical Las Vegas experiences.

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