Author: Chantae


A Q&A With Holly Ogden: Artist, Diver, and Activist

Holly Ogden has spent the past few years traveling as an artist, spreading her love of the ocean and life in general through her colorful paintings of beach scenes, leaves, and quirky coconuts. When I saw her work on display at the eco-friendly Summer X Salt...


The Pokemon You Meet When You Travel

Here are the Pokemon you’re likely to meet while traveling, where to catch them, and how to lure them. Weedle Weedle is the timid, scared backpacker who during the midst of an early-life crisis, booked the cheapest flight out of her hometown of Smalltown, USA. Though she’s...


Hipmunk Hotels: Thrill and Adventure in Flagstaff, Saint George, Billings, and More!

This post was originally published by Backpacking With a Book on March 4, 2016 by Jona. The beauty of the U.S. mountain states lies in their diversity. Imagine climbing some of the highest mountains in the country or driving through a wide expanse of desert lands — or...