Adventurous Things to do in Doha, Qatar

Doha International Airport is a popular stop for those of us flying across the globe. Though I’ve stopped there more than once, I’ve yet to take advantage of all there is to do in the city itself. Next time I head to Doha, I’ll book a hotel in a central location, like the InterContinental Doha in West Bay, and spend a few days going on these incredible adventures.

Image via Flickr by Francisco Anzola

Kayak Around the Pearl at Night

As soon as the sun sets, one of Qatar’s main icons, The Pearl, lights up the city’s skyline. Kayak through the Porto Arabia and admire the array of boats parked in the harbor. You can also kayak through nearby mangroves, Al Safliya, or in the Dhow Harbor near the Museum of Islamic Art. Some kayakers even paddle through the mangroves and camp under the stars.

Go on a Desert Safari

Renowned for being one of Qatar’s most beautiful sites, the Khor Al Adaid, also dubbed The Inland Sea, is a body of water surrounded by rolling sand dunes. You can only reach this site via 4×4 or dune buggy. Fortunately, there are many tour companies that service the area. To me, it’d be a shame to visit Doha and leave without seeing one of its greatest landscapes. One of my bucket list items is running to the top of a dune and rolling down.

Go Kitesurfing

You know I wouldn’t be able to resist doing some type of action sport in Qatar, right? With warm, shallow water and consistent wind, kitesurfing in Qatar is top notch. There are multiple rental locations, like Flora Kiteschool, and places to take lessons if you don’t want to use precious luggage space on kiting equipment. Best of all, there are over six places to ride, most of which offer great views of the city as you kite.

Rock Climb

Climbing is a popular sport in Qatar, and the country has a few great sites. In Zekreet, travellers can take advantage of the large natural rock walls that span up to 15 meters in height. The cave of Musfer Sinkhole is popular for bouldering fans. Finally, if you’re staying more than just a few days, join the Doha Climbers, a club that welcomes climbers of all abilities.

Dive in the Arabian Sea

Though the Arabian Sea is not a top destination for marine life sightings, why not head underwater to see what’s down there anyways? Qatar has three diving centers that host tours, courses, and fun dives around the area. North of Udaid, there’s a manmade wreck site complete with sunken buses, cars, boats, and other oddities.

Doha is a highly understated city with more to see than just its airport and shopping centers. Fortunately, American nationals can get a visa on arrival. To see if you qualify for one, check out this visa guide from Qatar Airways. What adventure would you go on if you had a few days to spend in Doha, Qatar?

This post is in collaboration with IHG.