Adventures You Need to Have in Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas, is a city with so much to offer tourists, whether you’re visiting for a few days or a couple weeks. No matter what’s brought you to Arlington, you’ll find an array of restaurants, hotels, adrenaline-filled theme parks, entertainment venues, outdoor areas, and more to fill your time. When you visit Arlington, be sure to add these adventurous activities to your itinerary.

Scream Your Head Off at Six Flags Over Texas

Image Via Flickr by mulf

Get ready for thrills like you’ve never experienced before at Six Flags Over Texas, an amusement park with high-speed rollercoasters that loop, bounce, and fly. It’s worth waiting in line for the New Texas Giant ride because it’s the tallest steel hybrid rollercoaster in the world and sure to make you scream.

In the summer months, don’t miss your chance to visit Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, one of the area’s most thrilling water parks. You’ll want to spend most of your time exploring instead of driving to and from the parks, so thrill seekers should plan to stay at an IHG hotel near the Six Flags area

Watch a Game at AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium is home to the Dallas Cowboys, one of the nation’s most beloved and star-studded NFL teams. You can watch a game, take a tour, and even spend a few hours admiring the work featured in the stadium’s art gallery. At AT&T Stadium, you’ll find multiple restaurants, bars, and other events taking place all year long.

Bowl a Strike at the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame

At this funky museum, you can learn all about the interesting history of bowling, an activity that’s been around in various forms for thousands of years. Step inside the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame to check out one-of-a-kind bowling artifacts, browse through the hall of fame, and even attempt to bowl a lucky strike of your own.

Head to the Top O’Hill Terrace

The Top O’Hill Terrace was once deemed the “Vegas before Vegas.” It was one of the largest gambling sites in the early 1900s, back when casinos were still illegal in the area. Beulah Adams Marshall created the Top O’Hill Terrace, where she ran a casino complete with an escape tunnel and secret rooms to hide any gaming evidence during government raids. This spot was known for attracting unsavory characters of all types who wanted to test their luck. Of course, there was also an on-site brothel operating alongside the gambling ring.

Members of the Fundamental Baptist church ultimately busted this notorious gambling operation. The members eventually bought the property and turned the Top O’Hill Terrace into a religious site.

You can easily fit in all of these activities over the stretch of a week in Arlington, though you should spend more time in this lively city if possible. Arlington takes pride in the fact that it knows how to have fun and welcomes its guests with true Texan hospitality. You’re sure to have a great time exploring all there is to see and do.

This post was written by me in collaboration with InterContinental Hotels.