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The Final Stretch of the Baja Peninsula, Mexico

Driving the entirety of the Baja Peninsula is a strange experience. Unlike many other road trips that span hundreds of miles, the scenery and environment doesn’t change as drastically from one region to the next in Baja. Red sand and saguaro cacti span for miles until...


My 10 Worst Travel Moments of 2017

My friend’s fiancé (who I love dearly) worries about her whenever we travel together. “Chantae just meets so many weirdos. She always comes home with such strange stories,” He says. I want to argue with him, but I’ve realized that he’s right. Most people return home...


What to Know Before Your Baja, Mexico Road Trip

I felt stupid asking my friend if Baja, Mexico was safe for us to visit. As a massive fan of Don Winslow and one who devours cartel novels, I wondered if my imagination with help from these books and the media sensationalized how dangerous Mexico really...